Photo by Jun Whang
Photo by Jun Whang

Inline Club of Boston

Skate with us every Sunday morning and Tuesday evening.

Tired of skating by yourself?

We have regular weekly skates on Sunday morning and Tuesday evening, as well as other special events throughout the year. Our scheduled skates run from the April 1 to November 1, weather permitting. All skating announcements are posted to our mailing list, including changes or cancellations due to weather.

Have questions about ICB?

If you’re thinking about joining us for a skate, have questions about skating in Boston, or just have questions about skating in general, you can post a message to the ICB mailing list or our Facebook group. Our mailing list is informal, so don’t hesitate to ask questions there.

If you have a specific question about ICB membership, email us at

About Us

The Inline Club of Boston (more fondly known as the ICB) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1992. It consists of dedicated skaters who have a wide variety of professions, skating abilities, and skating goals.

The mission of the ICB is to promote and support the sport we love, inline skating (or rollerblading, roller skating, or whatever else you want to call it). With a dedicated core of volunteers and an energetic membership, the ICB teaches people about inline skating, how to do it safely, and, most important, how to have fun. The ICB also provides its members with opportunities to skate together, participate on TeamICB and represents the interests of skaters in community affairs in the Greater Boston area while encouraging and promoting the sport of inline skating.

:) Enjoy :)
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1 hour ago  ·  

From Mark Stallard on the email list:

We had excellent time last week at the return of MOM
(Midweek on the Minuteman). More than double the
expected number of skaters!* And more than half of us
made it all the way to Lexington center!**

This week, we look forward to warmer temperatures and
the sun setting 8 minutes later. It should be a great
day for a skate.

We meet at 6:30 pm in Arlington Center, behind Bank of
America and Not Your Average Joe's. We'll leave around
6:40 for the sake of returning before sunset. The total
distance is about 9.5 miles, but you can skate as far
as you want to at your own pace.

Please remember to wear your helmet and wristguards.
We hope to see you there.

|+| M a r k |+|
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19 hours ago  ·  

Hot off the presses - we skate tonight!
Relaying Mitchs' message from the mailing list
The rain is gone!
The streets are almost completely dry already and we have a PERFECT night for a skate.
Meet at 7:15pm at the Hatch shell on the Esplanade so that we can be ready to leave there at 7:30.

Show up ready for a skate that is very close to 12 miles with lots of differing terrain.
I haven't chosen a specific route for tonight yet so I can't offer more specific details.

I've been trying to figure out some sort of Cinco de Mayo theme for the route but haven't had a lot of inspiration.
On Sunday the favorite suggestion sounded like tequila shots for every rest stop but I do have to be responsible enough to drive home after the skate.


I hope to see 50 skaters tonight!
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20 hours ago  ·  

Hi all, we are making a documentary - La Joie de Vivre, which will be about roller skating and it will be crowd-funded. Please help us spread the word. ... See MoreSee Less

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