National Unity Ride Fundraiser   Sun. Nov. 11th 2001 Photos by: Tom Keane

Several ICBers joined cyclists from across New England in a "Unity Ride" November 11th, marking the 2-month anniversary of the Sept. 11th attacks. The ride was organized by TeamICB sponsor Ciclismo Classico, an Arlington-based provider of bicycling tours in Italy. Participants were each asked to donate $50 to contribute to the United Way September 11th Fund. The rides were organized in 9 locations around the country, and each began with a moment of silence at 8:53 a.m. in memory of lives lost and spirits challenged.

Volunteers provided food and drinks before and after the ride. The hot chocolate was particularly welcome, as the day was brisk, despite the bright sunshine. ICBers attending the Stowe area event were Aims Coney, Susan Mix and Tom Keane; Dave Uhrenholdt attended the Arlington-Boston ride. We all enjoyed the chance to participate in the event, and received a warm, if somewhat skeptical ('I have an extra bungee cord in case you need a pull later!'), reception from the cyclists.

The 25-mile Stow area route was delightful, including some roads Advanced Tourists would be familiar with, while introducing other new ones. By ride's end, we were tired but happy that we had made some new friends and perhaps opened an eye or two to the potential of inlines as transportation. Thanks much to Stow route organizer Colleen Terry for welcoming us on her ride, and to Ciclismo Classico founder Lauren Hefferon for inviting us to the event.

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