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TeamICB will again be one of the top teams at A2A!
This year will be the 25th Anniversary of Athens to Atlanta 87 Mile Skate and TeamICB will have 10 brave skaters making the epic journey. Let the training begin...

What Do We Do? Train for and Compete in Inline Racing

TeamICB participates in inline racing events and fundraisers across New England and beyond. We also regularly attend the annual fall epic skates - the 100K National Marathon Championships in NYC, and the 87-mile Athens-to-Atlanta skate in Georgia. We also support the Empire Skate Series in the greater New York City area.

Team members have also participated in the Cactus Cup marathon in Tucson, the Casino Niagara International marathon in Niagara Falls, the National Capitol Race Weekend marathon in Ottawa, the Northshore Inline Marathon in Duluth, and the Tahiti Nui Roller Marathon in Tahiti, as well as a wide range of other races. Read more about racing events TeamICB participates in!

So how do we prepare for races, especially the epic events? Often you'll find us skating on some of our favorite open-road routes as a group, or doing technique work in parking lots or on a paved 400-meter oval track. Since our team members are scattered across a wide region, most cross-training like running and cycling are done independently. Find out more about our team training.

What Is It Like? View TeamICB Photos

Check out our TeamICB Photos.

There are also photos from the June Eddy Matzger Boston Workshop posted on Eddy's site!

Who Are We? See TeamICB Profiles

Individual team member profiles are here. Fame and fortune await! Don't hesitate; call now! Only $15 to join TeamICB (with ICB club membership)! Then you too can have your profile added on this site!

How Do I Learn More? Join Our Mailing List or Read the Archives

Visit the ICB communication page to subscribe to the TeamICB mailing list or read past messages. (Warning: bad poetry ahead...)

How Can I Become A Team Skater? Inquire Here!

If you're interested in joining the team, please send email to Tom Keane (tkeane@world.std.com) and Marshall Randolph (marshallrandolph@attbi.com).

Membership in the InLine Club of Boston is required; team dues are $15/year.

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