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Founded in 1999, TeamICB is one of the largest fitness skating and racing teams in the country. We have approximately 65 members ranging from top Elite and Masters' skaters to people interested in learning better skating technique so that they can begin to use skating as a routine element of their fitness regimen. Read more about our team history, our performance at A2A and the 100K, and our participation in local events.

Current Events

Where are the races and events in 2006? An inline race calendar and forum can be enjoyed at www.racereports.net

Past Events

  • The first Martha's Vineyard 10k Sunday May 20, 2001 was a blast. (As was the second in 2002 of course!) Bill Miner and the crew always organize a wonderful event for all. In 2001, TeamICB engineered a breakaway after a strong early challenge from Joe Korzenecki, leading to Thomas Benner taking the overall title, with long-time New England powerhouse Jack Irving second. Naomi Schechter joined a strong chase pack with TeamICBers John Wichers, James O'Malley and Henning Groenzin to claim the women's 10K title. In 2002, Benner repeated for the men, and TeamICB's Andrea Leonard won for the women. The race benefits local groups such as the MV Regional HS Girls Field Hockey Team and the MV Ice Arena. Thanks to all the girls from the team and others from the Vineyard who help manage and produce the event.
  • The 2003 New York Empire Skate Race Series promises to be a great racing forum, building upon the excellent programs put together the past two year by Rob McDermott and Doug Fessenden. The dates for 2003 are:
    Stage #1 Orchard Beach, Bronx 4/12
    Stage #2 Orchard Beach, Bronx 5/10
    Stage #3 Central Park 6/22
    Stage #4 Central Park 8/3 (tent.)
    Stage #6 Prospect Park Brooklyn 9/20

  • See EmpireSpeed for details.

TeamICB Photos

We welcome you to browse our TeamICB Photos. You may also enjoy viewing our individual team member profiles, which list skating achievements and fun facts.

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