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TeamICB members range from avid fitness skaters who skate for aerobic exercise (as long as there's not snow on the ground!) to national-class racers who can and do compete at the top levels in the most prestigious inline racing events. The profiles which follow are a brief sample from among the more than 60 team members.

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Thomas Benner
Joyce Buckley
John Charbonneau
Kevin Donohoe Judith Gallagher Henning Groenzin
Chrisy Grudzien
Tara Gurry Jamie Hintlian Tom Keane Andrea Leonard Rich Leonard Michael Leventhal

Mike Lupo
Dr. Chris Mix Susan Mix Vince O'Connell Marshall Randolph Dr. Jon Scarlet
Drs. Robin and Karin Travers
John Wichers Jonathan Wolfson


Thomas Benner
  • Started inline skating 1999;racing with TeamICB in 2000
  • 1st race ever: 4-wheel recreational skates in Greenland NH in June 00
  • 2nd race: Carolyn Miller Tri-Event: 3rd Overall '00
  • 3rd race: Cromwell Riverfest 10K: Winner of Advanced division in sub-17 minute time (this is the qualifying time for "Pro" or "Cat 1" status nationally) in 1st race ever on 5-wheel racing skates
  • 4th race: National Ultra-marathon Championship 100K: 11th Overall '00 in 3hrs 6 min.
  • 5th race: Athens-to-Atlanta 86-mile: tied for 4th Overall '00 (4:32; 18.9 mph)
  • Yr. 2002 Results: Winner overall at Skate MV 10K (Martha's Vineyard, MA); 5th overall at MDS Nordion 10K In-Line Skate (Ottawa, Canada) in 16:46; 3rd overall at the Ottawa Marathon (Ottawa, Canada) of more than 245 finishers
  • Yr. 2001 Results: Winner overall at Skate MV 10K (Martha's Vineyard, MA) in 17:20; 5th overall at MDS Nordion 10K In-Line Skate (Ottawa, Canada) in 16:31 (out of 421 finishers); 4th overall at the Ottawa Marathon (Ottawa, Canada), 9th at the Greenland Skatefest (Greenland, NH)
  • Prior to skating, played badminton competitively in Germany for 12 years
  • Voted "Rookie of the Year" for TeamICB in 2000
  • Voted "Best Dressed" for TeamICB in 2000

Thomas demonstrating his winning sub-17 minute form at the Cromwell Riverport Festival Advanced 10K Race

Joyce Buckley

  • Started Skating in 1995, joined TeamICB in 2000.
  • Became a certified ISSA instructor level I in 1996
  • Became ISSA level II instructor in 1997
  • Became ISSA certified Master in Fitness Skating 1999
  • Did 53 miles of the 2000 A2A on 4 wheels; mulling whether to go at it again in 2001
  • Competed in both the MV 10K in May (3rd in age grp) and Greenland Skate Fest in June 2001 (2nd in age grp)
  • Enjoys tennis and cycling in addition to skating
  • Works as a Senior Account Manager for a financial software company

Joyce demonstrates cone skating at an ICB SkateJam! where she often provides lessons in both basic and expressive skating techniques.

John Charbonneau "JC"


  • Started inline skating 1999; racing with Team ICB in 2002
  • Athens to Atlanta 87 mile race: 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004
  • Ottawa ING Marathon 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005
  • 11th Pro Veteran at the 2005 North Shore Inline Marathon with a personal best 1:14
  • 15th Pro Master 2005 Long Beach Inline Marathon 1:19
  • Father of two sons, Neal and Glen
  • Works as the Highway Superintendent for the town of Fairhaven
  • Thanks to my biggest supporter, my wife Maggie of 25 Years, (Who puts up with the exorbitant amount of money spent every year on the sport I love).






Kevin "The Eliminator" Donohoe

  • Began racing with TeamICB in 1999
  • Voted "Honorable Mention Best Blisters" TeamICB 2000
  • Assistant Team Manager, TeamICB 2000
  • Happy Acres Retirement Village "Prostate Cup". In his best race of the recent season, The Eliminator found himself thrust into the top ten finishers after the 11th contestant dropped out because of a chronic problem with narcolepsy. As part of the spoils, The Eliminator took home a certificate worth 20% off his next colonoscopy.
  • Wilson Elementary School's 1/24th marathon "Pokemon Open." The Eliminator sailed through some pretty relentless taunting by some bulky 3rd graders during race registration, but unfortunately had to withdraw at the last minute after he developed severe blisters while putting on his skates. Ouch!
  • Revere Beach Gentlemen's Club "Master's Race for Ethnic Diversity." This event was a real disappointment for The Eliminator. After carbo-loading for over two weeks to prepare for the race, he showed up only to find it had been held the previous day. Tough break.
  • Kevin is a radiologist, and proud father of Lori.

Creativity in overcoming equipment difficulties is one of Kevin's endearing attributes.

Judith Gallagher

  • Started inline skating in 1991, racing in 1993
  • Took a couple of years off to become a mom; now the mother of 5-year old Bryan - who loves hockey and recently got his first pair of skates
  • A former ice figure skater, Judy's shown here demonstrating the "heel carve" at a team workshop
  • Together with husband "Joe-Bob", Judy coordinated most of the group workouts for the Massachusetts Chapter of Team-in-Training, in preparation for the 1999 Athens-to-Atlanta 86-mile race
  • Works as an engineer at GTE/BBN Technologies


Judy demonstrating the "heel carve" - a technique that helps your muscles learn to weight the back and middle of the foot when pushing off rather than the toe

Henning Groenzin

  • Started inline skating in 1996, racing with TeamICB in 2000
  • Completed MV skate 10K race and Greenland Skate Fest 2001
  • Personal Goal: NY100K in under 4 hours
  • Former middle distance track runner
  • Ph. D. Candidate in Physical Chemistry at Tufts University, Medford

Henning cruising the course at the Skate MV 10K Race in May, where he placed 5th overall.

Chrisy Grudzien

  • Started inline skating in 1997, racing with TeamICB in 2000
  • Voted "Most Team Spirited" for TeamICB 2000
  • Athens-to-Atlanta 86 mile race: 1st place in 50+ age group in 2001; 3rd place in 50+ in 2000
  • National Ultramarathon 100K in New York: 13th overall woman in 2001
  • Niagara Falls Casino In-Line Marathon 2000, Canada, 26 miles, 1st place age group 55 to 59 and 5th place Masters (30+ age group), and a $100 prize!
  • 2002 Results: 1st in Class Skate MV 10K (Martha's Vineyard, MA)
  • 2001 Results: 1st in Class Skate MV 10K (Martha's Vineyard, MA), 1st in Class Greenland SkateFest
  • Other Year 2000 Results: 1st place 50+ age group Cromwell Riverfest 10K, 1st in age group 50+ Greenland SkateFest 9K
  • Chrisy is an Engineering Supervisor of an Advanced Product Development Group, MKS Instruments Inc.

TeamICBers Donna Howard (left), Chrisy Grudzien (center), and Susan Amaral (right) set out from the start in Athens together, skated together the entire 86-mile distance to Atlanta, and finish A2A 2000 triumphant in 8:14:23

Tara Gurry

  • Started Inline skating in the early 1990's
  • Started inline racing in 1993
  • Elite competitor in numerous races, favorites: NYC 100k, Duluth, Boise, Wendy's Roll 40 Mile, Cactus Cup
  • Athens to Atlanta 86 mile race: 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000
  • 1st woman to break the 5 hour barrier in A2A
  • Likes to sing while skating and may even recite poetry, consider this a warning!
  • 2001 Boston Marathon 3:13 and met Bill Rodgers!
  • R.Y.T., Certified Fitness and Spinning Instructor,
    ACE Personal Trainer, Martial Artist: Tae Kwon Do-blue belt, Karate-green belt, Juggler Fitness Kicks
  • Professional photographer Tara Aesthetics

Tara leads the Pro Ladies in the 1997 NY 100k Championship.

Jamie Hintlian

  • Started Inline skating in 1990 - one of the few in Central Park challenging the cyclists for space
  • Started inline racing in 1993
  • 1st in age group/category in 1998 New England Points Series; 3rd in 1997
  • Athens to Atlanta 86 mile race: 1998, 1999
  • Co-founder of Team ICB in 1999
  • Received Captain's "Team Sustenance Award" for being one of a team of Sponsorship Coordinators for TeamICB
  • Former "Chief of Staff" for InLine Club of Boston, and organized inline hockey charity tournament for Cam Neely house
  • Father of three fabulous children (and personal fan club); wife Carolyn patient supporter
  • Avid ice hockey player
  • Knows more recipes for Teddie Old Fashioned peanut butter than anyone else on TeamICB

Jamie flashes the "look ma, I used anti-perspirant today" sign at a race in Wompatuck

Tom Keane

  • Started inline skating and racing in 1991
  • Club Co-Founder 1992, Treasurer 1992-1999, President 1997-1999
  • TeamICB Captain 1999-2002
  • Member, Team Bauer (92), Team Captain, K2/Motion Sports (93-95), Member, Team Run Jane Run (96-97)
  • Athens-to-Atlanta 87-mile race: 8th overall, 4:37 (18.7 mph, and personal best) in 2002, 10th overall, 2nd over 40 in 2001; 11th overall in 2000 in 4:45, 18th in 1998, 26th in '99
  • National Ultra-marathon Championship 100K: Top 20 1994, race announcer 1997-1999, 26th 2000, 22nd 2002
  • Other highlights: 4th overall in Tahiti Nui Roller Marathon (Tahiti) in 2000, 2nd in Bayer InLine Classic (Pittsburgh) (2000), 2nd in the Pro-Master's "Stage 5" 30K in the Empire Skate Club race series (Woodbury, NY) (2001); 3rd overall in Wendy's Roll for the Kids 40-Miler (Dayton, OH) (2001), 3rd (2001) and 4th (2002) overall at Skate MV 10K (Martha's Vineyard, MA), 3rd overall at Plymouth Skate to the Rock Half-Marathon (2002).
  • Works as management consultant (see http://www.norbridgeinc.com/about/keane.html

Happy at the front in the Tahiti Nui Roller Marathon, February 2000 (Mike Miller is standing up, 4th, and Dan Burger is tucked in 5th)

Andrea Leonard

  • Started inline skating in 1997, racing with TeamICB in 2000
  • Voted Female "Rookie of the Year" for TeamICB in 2000
  • Yr. 2002 Results: Winner overall at Skate MV 10K (Martha's Vineyard, MA)
  • National Ultra-Marathon Championship 100K: 2nd in 30-39 Advanced category in 2000
  • Athens-to-Atlanta 86-mile race: 11th overall woman in 2001, met personal goal of sub-six hour finish; was 15th overall woman in 2000
  • Other Yr. 2000 Results: Carolyn Miller Tri-Event: 1st place in age division 30-39; Cromwell Riverfest 10K: 2nd place in age division
  • Participated in Zephyr Tour's Netherland skate in July 2000
  • Works as a Financial Analyst for Harvard Vangard Medical Associates

Andrea leading a pace-line partner on the long downhill in Prospect Park during the NY City 100K

Rich Leonard

  • Started skating in 1997, racing with TeamICB in 2000
  • Voted Honorable Mention for Most Improved TeamICB skater in 2000.
  • Athens-to-Atlanta 86-mile race: met personal goal of sub-six hour finish
  • National Ultra-Marathon Championship 100K: 16th in category
  • Cromwell Riverfest 10K: 3rd place in age division
  • Other 2000 races: Greenland 10K, Carolyn Miller Tri-event
  • Participated in Zephyr Tour's Netherland skate in July 2000
  • Works in Boston's higher education sector in college administration

Rich and Jonathan Wolfson during the NY City 100K

Susan Mix

  • Started inline skating in 1992, racing in 1999
  • Club Web Team Leader 1997-2000, Social Skate Team Co-Leader 1999, President 2000-2001
  • Winner "Most Improved" skater (F) on TeamICB in 2000
  • Athens-to-Atlanta 86-mile race: 3rd overall woman in 2001!, 7th overall (F) 2000, 7th in age category '99
  • National Ultra-marathon Championship 100K: 1st in Advanced category 1999, 10th overall (F) 2000
  • Other 2000 results: Carolyn Miller Triathlon: 3rd; Tahiti Nui Roller Marathon: 8th, Cromwell Riverfest: 3rd.
  • Boston Marathon [no skates; running!] qualifier (sub 3:40 time) for 2000, 2001
  • Team-In-Training Fundraiser for Leukemia Society 1999
  • Works as web consultant at Boston U. specializing in online/distance education

At the Cromwell race -- enroute to a 3rd place finish. Love those purple and yellow skates!

Dr. Chris Mix

  • Started inline skating in 1997, racing in 2000
  • Winner "Most Improved" skater (M) on TeamICB in 2000
  • Athens-to-Atlanta 86-mile race '00: Achieved personal goal broke 6 hours
  • Completed National Ultra-marathon Championship 100K '00
  • Broke the 20 minute mark in first 10K race in Cromwell, CT in Sept.
  • Married to ICB President Susan Mix
  • Plans to run the Boston Marathon in 2001
  • Works as renal specialist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Chris trying to go to the outside around Andrea Leonard in a last minute sprint at the Cromwell Riverport Race


Michael Leventhal

  • Began racing with TeamICB in 2000
  • Voted "Most Team Spirited" for TeamICB 2000
  • Athens-to-Atlanta 2000, 86 mile race: under 7 hours
  • Skate Martha's Vineyard 10K 2001: 1st Fitness Male 40-49
  • Feature Editor of The Bearing, the ICB newsletter; created column "The Racing Blotter" covering TeamICB and other inline racing news
  • Michael doesn't consider himself an athlete but trains and races for fitness, camaraderie and fun. On these three points participation in TeamICB has greatly exceeded all his expectations.
  • Michael works in software development and is an Internet expert.

Michael showing his elation the evening after the 2000 National Marathon Championships in New York City


Mike Lupo

  • Started Skating in 1997, started racing in 2000.
  • Voted Honorable Mention for Most Improved TeamICB skater in 2000.
  • Official photographer for the 2000 National Ultra-marathon Championship 100K
  • Moved to New England from the deep south in 1996 and loves to cook good home Cajun cuisine
  • Works as Lead Software Test Engineer for Nokia Wireless Software solutions
  • Favorite munchkin...My daughter Victoria!

Mike - have camera, will skate - Lupo on the ICB Fall Foliage skate

Marshall Randolph

  • Started inline skating 1995, racing in 1998
  • TeamICB Head Coach and Treasurer, 2000
  • Received Captain's Team Leadership Award, 2000
  • Athens-to-Atlanta 86-mile race: 2nd in age category '99 and '00 (sub 5 hrs '00, 17.2 mph)
  • National Ultra-marathon Championship 100K: 2nd in age category 1999, 2000
  • Other 2000 results: Chantilly 20k: first in age category
  • Former bicycle racer and current cross-country ski racer
  • Can outclimb kids half his age
  • Has a lovely daughter Hannah
  • Works as R&D engineer for Millipore

Marshall uses his Cingular Wireless phone to keep in touch with wife Karen and daughter Hannah while on an ICB "Advanced Tour" -- a hilly 30-mile skate in the Boston suburbs

Dr. Jon Scarlet

  • Began skating in 1994
  • Board of Directors of the InLine Club of Boston.
  • "Skate Doc" Jon Scarlet's column on the sometimes funky subject of skates and feet now appears in not only the ICB Bearing newsletter but also in Fitness and Speed Skating Times.
  • Jon and his wife Bette are on the Organizing Committee for the Boston Marathon. As Director of Podiatry for the Boston Marathon, each year he organizes 90 other podiatrists caring for 15,000 runners.
  • Chief of Podiatry at Memorial Hospital in Worcester, member of the American College of Sports Medicine.
  • Member, Boston Chapter National Skate Patrol.
  • Believes that the term 'spectator sport' is an oxymoron.

"Skate Doc's" been on a roll ever since his first column in the ICB newsletter "The Bearing" in mid 1999
Drs. Robin and Karin Travers
  • Started skating in 1995, racing in 1998
  • Identical twins, Robin and Karin have participated in the 86-mile Athens-to-Atlanta skating race for the past 3 years, bettering their finishing time each year. Among their several TV appearances has been the 1998 and 1999 coverage of A2A on the Outdoor Life Network.
  • Founders and mentors of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Massachusetts Team in Training fundraising chapter, which has raised nearly $150,000 for leukemia and lymphoma research in just two years.
  • Karin and Robin have also participated in the Tahiti Nui Roller Marathon in Tahiti in 1999 and 2000.
  • Avid cyclists and yoga gurus
  • Robin (top photo) is a physician in practice at Skincare Physicians of Chestnut Hill
  • Karin (bottom photo) is an AIDS researcher at Harvard

Robin (top) and Karin (bottom) both do lots of cold-weather skating, but they'd rather be in Tahiti!

John Wichers

  • Started inline skating 1990, racing with TeamICB in 1999
  • InLine Club of Boston Treasurer 2000
  • Skated entire 422 miles of the Maine to Philadelphia Benefit Skate 2000 to raise money for C.O.P.S. (Concerns of Police Survivors).
  • Athens-to-Atlanta 86-mile race: 21st male in 2001 in 5:03 (more than 20 min. improved over 2000), Top 50 in 5:25 (beat goal of 5 hrs.) in 2000
  • National Ultra-marathon Championship 100K '00: Top 50 in under 4 hrs., 4th in category
  • Other Yr. 2000 Results: 5th overall in Bayer InLine Classic (Pittsburgh), 15th in Greenland SkateFest (NH) [last time I ever beat Thomas Benner!], 3rd in Advanced race at Cromwell Riverfest (CT) 10K, 4th in 30-39 age category and 11th overall at Carolyn Miller Tri-Event
  • Yr. 2001 Results: 6th overall at Skate MV 10K (Martha's Vineyard, MA); 15th overall (6th in category) at MDS Nordion 10K In-Line Skate (Ottawa, Canada) (out of 421 finishers); 17th overall (7th in category) at the Ottawa marathon (Ottawa, Canada)
  • Currently on sabattical, John works as a software engineer

John Wichers passing through the start/finish area on one of the 19 laps of the 100K Ultramarathon championships in Brooklyn's Prospect Park in Sept

Jonathan Wolfson

  • Started inline skating in 1998, racing on TeamICB in 1999
  • Began skating because it looked a lot more fun than running
  • Voted Honorable Mention for Most Improved TeamICB skater in 2000
  • Completed NY 100K: '00
  • Completed Carolyn Miller Tri-Event
  • Broke the 20 minute mark in first 10K race in Cromwell, CT in Sept
  • Former "Championship 8" rower
  • Sidelined for second half of 2001 season with shattered wrist
  • Self-employed; works as an advertising/marketing creative director
Enduring injury and inventing new ways to compete!

Jonathan with ICB President Susan Mix prior to the start of the Carolyn Miller Tri-Event in July

Vince O'Connell

  • Started inline skating and racing in 1995
  • Top American finisher in the 1997 Athens-to-Atlanta 86-mile race and 4th overall (4 hrs. 25 min., 19.4 mph)
  • Top 5 American finisher at the Birkebeiner - the largest cross-country skiing race in the US.
  • Winner, Lake Placid Marathon cross-country skiing race.
  • Top 10 in the Empire State Building Run Up (race to run to the top of the Empire State Building in New York City)
  • Cat. 2 bicycle racer from 1976-1983
  • With wife Katherine Swanson, owns and runs VOMax, a high quality manufacturer of athletic team uniforms, including those of TeamICB. Other markets served include cycling and cross-country skiing.

Vince was running strongly near the front of the pack in the 1999 A2A until boot failure cut that effort short
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