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Leading Weekend Skates


1. Skate, bike, or drive the route if is new or hasn't been skated in a long time.

2. Send an email to the team list by Wednesday of the week including day, date, address or description of meeting point, and directions. Establish a meeting time and a roll-out time. Include cell phone number if you have one. Offer a general description of the style of the skate, distance, and approximate finish time.

3. Update the calendar with the skate info and your contact info (see section below on editing the calendar).

4. Provide an introduction prior to roll-out. Make sure everyone knows the route and has someone to skate with or has agreed to skate alone. If anyone comes who does not have the necessary skill set for the planned route, explain to the person that they are in over their skill level and ask them to attend other more appropriate ICB skates to build up the needed skills to be able to return to a team skate. Take a head count.

5. Ensure that everyone has signed an ICB Event Waiver this year. Bring extra hardcopies with you in case people haven't yet submitted one.

6. Emphasize safety, such as how to handle intersections, railroad tracks, etc, but also that each person is responsible for his or her own behavior, safety, and first aid supplies. Remind that helmets and wristguards are required.

7. After the skate make sure everyone is accounted for.

1. Have maps available if not an obvious closed course.

2. Have water (2 gallons if hot) available.

3. Have one rally point within 2 miles of the start to make sure everyone is doing okay (if not a closed loop course). Verify head count.

4. First aid and blister supplies.

5. Short cut points on route.

Editing The Calendar

1. Email smix@bu.edu to get the username/password for the calendar (or tom or marshall).

2. Go to the ICB event calendar.

3. Click on the underlined date (NOT the event name) of the event you want to lead. Note that the calendar defaults to display the current month- if you want to lead an event in a different month you first need to select that month from the "Navigate" links at the top of the calendar.

4. You will be prompted to log in using the username/password from step #1. Be patient, this is sometimes slow.

5. You should see the "Daily Events" list for the date you selected. If you don't see it, you may need to scroll up to the top of the page.

6. Click on Edit beside the event you want to lead.

7. Make your changes/additions to the event description in the field called Popup Text Or URL Link (not the field called Calendar Text - unless you're actually changing the location of the skate). If you know and love HTML, feel free to put in tags for text formatting, images, links etc.

8. Click on Submit to save your changes. Sometimes the server doesn't take the changes on the first attempt- if you get an error message you can hit the back button on your browser and resubmit.

9. Click on the View Calendar button and then the event name (not date) on the calendar to see the updated listing. Tthe calendar conveniently returns to the month the event you just edited is in, so you don't have to "navigate" to it again.

10. On the Wednesday before your event, email the teamICB list and let people know about it!

Updated April 8, 2002